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Our Girls

NZChampion Whitelillys Mia of the Mist

Best puppy in Group.jpg
1 year old (2).JPG
Mia 7 months (3).jpg

Best puppy in Group Wellington March 2021                    

Whitelilly's Ella of the Fae

Ella 6 months (2)
Feb 21

Casmiff Forever Blue (Cassie) IMP Australia

Cassie 6 months (2)
1 year 10 months (3)
1 year old (1)

Whitelilly's Sansa of Winter

Hamilton Kennel Club show 1 Best Baby Puppy in Group Dec 2019

Hamilton Kennel Club show 2 Best Baby Puppy in Group

Hamilton Kennel Club show 3 Best Baby Puppy in Group

Cambridge Kennel Association show 1 Jan 2020 best baby puppy in Breed 

Cambridge Kennel Association show 1 Jan 2020 best baby puppy in Breed 

Hamilton Kennel Association show 1 March 2020 Best bitch Challenge point Best Puppy in Breed

Hamilton Kennel Association show 2 March 2020 Best Puppy in Breed

Then came Covid and no shows so I clipped her off

NZ champion Tauro Siessan import Lithuania

Siessan Cambridge show (2).jpg
20220102_144337 (2).jpg

Seissan has just attained her New Zealand  champion status

Whitelilly's Kat of the Sun

Kat May 22 (2).JPG

Katie Kat is a 5th generation Whitelilly's dog                                       6 months old

Whitelilly's Pansy Petal

Pansy May 22 (6).JPG
Pansy Petal 12 weeks (2).JPG

Our retired girls

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If you are interested in getting a puppy, please tell me about yourself and what sort of home the puppy would be going to, the more information the better. I will be asking this of you anyway if you apply so you might as well do it now. Do you own your own home, have children, ages, garden, work from home, is there someone at home most of the time? etc

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