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These are just a few of the lovely words people have written to me

I have had a lot of dogs in my time Lyndsay. All have been a delight. However this wee one of yours has special MAGIC, I believe YOU have, as a breeder, bred into your dogs!!! This recipient of your "special magic" is very grateful.


Kindest regards Maude   (Rosie)


Dear Lyndsay, 

Thank you so much for my darling Daisy.

From the very beginning by receiving weekly updates, photos and videos, I felt I was involved and getting to know my precious little girl. 

You're a great breeder and this shows in the manner in which you have of communicating and involving the new owner with their puppy. 

Daisy is absolutely delightful. Playful and very loving. She is so pretty with fantastic pigmentation and has a beautiful coat. She is very receptive to being groomed for that way she gets my undivided attention. My neighbours adore her as well and we have frequent visits from them for cuddles. Daisy just loves, loves, loves people. Even when taking her to the vet for vaccinations she gave the staff kisses.

A very well adjusted little girl which must come from her breeding background. 

Thank you again for my special little girl. 

Adrienne Walker. 


Daisy and Pepper now aged 2 years old...The vet always comments on how healthy they are and we have not had any issues at all. You breed such wonderful dogs, they are the best thing we ever bought and I just love them to bits.



Hi Lyndsay

How can I tell you about the positive Whitelilly Maltese experience we had in a few short sentences beside AMAZING, AWESOME and ADORABLE. From start to finish and even now the communication we have had has been abundant. Lyndsay emailed us weekly with updates which made us feel part of his life. Her dedication to her dogs and puppies shine through in their personalities and temperaments. Louie came into our home and was accepted by 16 week kitten immediately and he has accepted us with open paws. The quality of Whitelillys breeding, as well as the manner in which they are raised allows me to say confidently that Whitelillys Maltese are the perfect breed.

Even though Louie was sad to leave his mother he arrived in Australia, as a fluffy little polar bear. He was so well behaved, toilet trained, and social at 10 weeks of age, and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect little puppy.

 Kelly La Fontaine


Kelly has gone on to buying another puppy  Jallie, a friend for Louie


Hello David & Lyndsay,

I trust you are both well and are still surrounded by doggies.

Many times I have thought but failed to send you a quick email to let you know how our wee dog “Comet” renamed “Alfie” is getting on.

Alfie is absolutely our pride and joy, both Gemma and I seem to put him right at the top of our considerations. His nature and love of “cuddles” stands him out in any crowd, he loves everyone who visits our home but has a very special bond with Gemma. He lives like a fighting cock and is in everyway spoilt rotten, he has a personal groomer, veterinarian, Car seat, Beds all over the house etc.

 Kind regards Mel Currin.


Hi Lyndsay,

I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully little Benny is, and how he is doing.

He is the most happy and affectionate little puppy, and I just can't tell you how overjoyed I am to have him.

  Your caring so much and being so committed to breeding and raising these puppies the way you do is fantastic for it means they and their new families are off to a flying start in the new home setting, and it really aids in the bonding process. So, for now I will close by saying how terrifically you brought him up and socialised him, and that he is an easy and delightful joy to be living with!  Thanks Lyndsay, and I will keep in touch to let you know how he continues to grow and develop.  You are really gifted, I believe, to have bred such a miracle.

Warm regards

Robyne Gardener


Dear Lyndsay

Thank you so much for our boy Casper, he has fitted into our family perfectly. He is smart and very cute and he is an excellent playmate for our wee girl Liliana who was just busting to get a dog.  I am so glad we never waited for a girl to come up.

Your breeding and advice you have given us has been top class, as well as arranging for the travel to get our wee boy down to Nelson.

He is super healthy and has a great temperament with everyone who comes to our house, old people, young people, toddlers and he is very social with other dogs.

We wish you all the best Lyndsay with your business and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants a puppy.


Joanna, Jason and Liliana Perrett



Finn has been such a great addition to our family. He has a lovely personality and is very playful and adventurous. He is very funny and does not think he is as small as he is. He has a very social nature and at puppy dog training he was really the star of the show. He was social with all the other puppies even though they were 3 or more times bigger than him. Since he turned six months now we are taking him for short walks around the block and he always wants to stop and socialise with the other dogs. He is very friendly with both adults and children. A lot of people remark on what a lovely dog he is. The vet always says how calm he is on his visits and the groomer says she absolutely loves Finn and has said when we go away she is very happy to look after him which is so great as I didn’t want to put him into a scary dog boarding facility. We feel so lucky to have Finn as part of our family.



8 years ago we bought Marley from Lyndsay. It was the beginning of a very special relationship with our family and a little dog who quickly found his way into our hearts. From the outset we were impressed with Lyndsay and Lara's love and understanding of Maltese.  The bed and toy which we were asked to bring  to our first meeting are still an integral part of Marley's life.  He insists they come wherever we go!

I am quite sure that the love and care that Marley was given in the first weeks of his life by Lara and Lyndsay resulted in the happy dog we have now.  Marley is gentle, trusting, loyal and our very best friend. He knows when we are tired, sick, grumpy or happy!  Thank you Lyndsay and Lara for our little mate......8 years on and still going strong!!  He is the BEST!!


Thanks Lyndsay and Lara

Alison Christchurch

PS this testimonial was written a long time ago and Marley has since passed away at an old age. Alison has another loving companion from Whitelillys called Georgie


Hi Lyndsay, Bear arrived on time and in hail and hearty spirits yesterday afternoon!  He is the most gorgeous little guy ever.  He is a good little eater and very very playful.  Bonny is sometimes being a little much for him in play, so we have to give him a break from her every now and then.  But he has very good doggy manners and if someone doesn’t want to play with him he is respectful of that.  We just had one toilet stop through the night and he slept in his playpen next to my bed.  He cried for about 1 minute before he fell asleep, and then was up again when Bonny bounded into the room at 6 am!  Bonny is the best little girl and I’m sure she knows he’s her brother and he will be equally as rambunctious as her as soon as he gets bigger.  He was 1.8 kg this morning on our doggy scales. 

Thankyou sincerely for breeding such beautiful puppies and making sure they have great confidence before going to their forever homes.

Best regards

Diane   (Australia)

Diane bought Bonny from me a year before she got LIttle Bear. they are full bother and sister.

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